Google Maps – blogger vs.

It should have been a great day for educators and expeditions. Google Maps announces that a new function, meaning you can embed a Google Map in your very own website and add points, including video and images.

Digital Explorer Blogger test site

Above is an example from Digital Explorer’s test blogger site, showing a map of the Atlas Mountains with placemarks added, highlighting Jbel Toubkal and other places.

Sadly, neither of the two free blog services have the perfect solution. If you try to use, WordPress cleans the javascript, meaning you can’t see the map. If you use blogger, you lose all the flexibility of pages vs posts. A wordpress blog could have it’s homepage set simply to a map page.

It would radically simplify web communications for expeditions and fieldwork.

When a decent solution does appear, I will let you all know.

For now:

  1. if you use blogger – you’re fine, but bug the blogger support people to have posts and pages like
  2. if you use – you’re up the creek until the powers that be make changes – lobby them!!
  3. if you host your wordpress blog yourself, there are some plug-ins that will help out – the best one is at the Remote Sensing Tools blog and does not require any messing around with APIs and the like

Good luck, and let me know if there are any neater solutions out there.

3 Responses to “Google Maps – blogger vs.”

  1. sevnetus says:

    Thank you for staying up to date on the details of these blog services. I use both, in case one goes down. Now my blogs are as simple as possible, but complexity could happen – Thank you!

  2. sevnetus says:

    Thank you for keeping track of the details of these services. It may help if I choose to make my simple blogs more complex. Thanks again.

  3. jokker says:

    hope we can change wordpress’s mind about this

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