Olympus sponsor Digital Explorer

Olympus is supporting Digital Explorer’s Google Earth training by providing the latest model from the Olympus TOUGH range for the practical sessions of the course. The Olympus µ790 SW is the ideal camera for fieldwork and expedition use.

With 7.1 megapixels it produces high quality images that still look sharp, even when projected in the classroom. It is shockproof and waterproof, tough enough to put up with a life outdoors and most pupils. The camera also has internal focusing, meaning less chance of dust wrecking the lens action.

We are looking forward to using the camera in the field and in the classroom.

One Response to “Olympus sponsor Digital Explorer”

  1. jolyon says:

    this might seem like a spurious act of corporate whoredom, but these Olympus ‘mu~SW’ range of cameras are absolutely superb. You can drop them on concrete, crush them in rucksacks, snorkel with them (not sure I’d scuba just yet), use them in a dust storm, and they still look like dinky little point and shooters.

    Better yet, the picture quality is very good too.

    Just my 2 fils (which doesn’t go very far in Kuwait)

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