Google Earth Plus licenses in schools

I was asked this question by a teacher who had come on a Digital Explorer Google Earth course:

Sorry to trouble you with this simple question, but I had your details, having come to one of your Google Earth training days in the summer. Having used Google Earth more since then, it is clear that having an upgraded use via Google Earth Plus would be excellent, but I am not sure whether the average price ($20 pa) is per computer, or establishment. The school is obviously happy to pay out the odd tenner, but not much more!

Do you know, please?

I thought that my reply may be useful to other teachers looking at the same issue.

The license price is per logon account/computer, not per establishment. Google have not yet decided to develop an educational pricing scheme for Google Earth. In reality you can use the same logon for two computers. The one extra function that is useful with Google Earth Plus is the GPS data handling. I imagine that you would only be using GPS with KS4/KS5 and I am not sure how many units you have.

My advice would be:

  1. Ask your IT technicians to set up additional use accounts for pupils using GPS units – e.g. gps1 to gps6 or however many units you have
  2. Label the machines that you have in the nearest computer room to your KS4/5 geography teaching rooms with these user accounts
  3. Purchase half as many Google Earth Plus licenses as you have GPS units
  4. Upgrade Google Earth to Google Earth Plus on the GPS machines, using your new gps1, etc. login details (you can use the same Google Earth Plus account details for two machines)

This way you will have computing capacity to match your GPS units.

More information about how to upgrade to Google Earth Plus and its benefits

Do comment on this post, if you have any other queries or have another solution.

6 Responses to “Google Earth Plus licenses in schools”

  1. Rowena says:

    Hello Jamie
    Thanks for an excellent Google Earth course at Leeds last week. Our Network Manager recommends Google Plus and the Google Earth Education Initiative which involves downloading GE Pro. (free) I’d be interested in your opinion about signing up for this. Thanks

  2. admin says:

    Rowena, I have had a little look around and found the person to email.

    Just to bear in mind that GE Pro and GE Plus licenses are good for two user accounts only and that you might need to look at having just a few computers with these and install GE Free for the whole site. To make things easier RM have released a Google Earth blueprint, so if your school network is run by RM, it will all be easier.


  3. TIFA says:


  4. natthamant says:

    I needed for speed test graphics card and GPS.

    Thank you

    P. Natthamant

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