Google Earth at the Geographical Association Conference

Just received a very nice note from the Geographical Association. I ran two sessions at their conference at the end of March and managed to pack in 55 geography teachers. We managed to make good progress especially given I had condensed the normal 6-7 hour course into 2 hours.

Anyway, they had some very nice things to say…

Excellent and inspiring new ideas

I have never realised the full potential of Google Earth as I have never had the time to sit and mess around with the computer for long enough. An excellent session with an excellent handbook to take back to school.

Great way to develop fieldwork in a very pupil friendly way. Have already used it in my teaching as a way of promoting appreciation of fieldwork.

Can be put in to use immediately – hopefully with out too much cash outlay!

Excellent tutor – good practical ways to use Google earth.

Well delivered, fast pace, interesting and appropriate skills being implanted

Thank you to Lucy at the GA for organising ever thing and if you would like to find out more about what happened at this year’s conference see the Geographical Association website.

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