Panasonic’s rugged camcorder

nullPanasonic have released a waterproof, drop-proof and all round pretty rugged camcorder. The Panasonic SDR-SW20 benefits from using SD storage (SD cards are now made with up to 32GB storage) which is less susceptible to damage from drops and knocks. Think the memory card in your digital camera versus an external hard-drive and you get the idea about the relative robustness of the two digital storage systems. In return for being able to take your camera underwater, into the desert, up a mountain (hard-drive storage is usually dodgy above 3000m altitude) you compromise on image and audio quality (there’s no external mic socket and a single 0.8 megapixel CCD). But as the Panasonic website says:

…with its dustproof and waterproof performance, [the Panasonic SDR-SW20 is] the ideal camera for anytime use outdoors, in active situations, and for casual everyday video shooting.

Definitely one to consider for expedition use, and probably best suited to youth expedition teams creating web video and not suitable for those looking for video output for other purposes.

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