Free Google Earth Pro Licence for schools

Google have extended their US programme for free Google Earth Pro licences to UK schools.

Before you think about applying, please consider whether you really need the Pro version.

Visit the Google Earth product comparison chart to see which product is best for you.

The next step is to email Anna who works on Geo-Education for Google in California – Anna will then send you some information about the programme and a questionnaire to fill in. At this point, you will also be prompted to download the 7-day free trial version of Google Earth Pro. Once Anna has received all the information, she will then be able to convert the trial into a year’s licence.

If you are looking for a entry-level GIS tool and are considering something like Google Earth, but would like to be able to integrate it with spreadsheets and GPS as well, then Google Earth Plus is probably best. It currently costs $20 per licence (good for two log-ins for a year). For more information about Google Earth Plus licenses see my previous post on the subject.

I am currently pushing for a site license for Google Earth Plus, which I hope will be pitched fairly reasonably.

2 Responses to “Free Google Earth Pro Licence for schools”

  1. Andrew Wilson says:

    Hello Anna, I have recently completed Advanced Google Earth training and would like to have a free copy of the Google Earth Pro licence so I can use the excellent resources in my classroom.
    Andrew Wilson

  2. Digital Explorer says:

    Hi Andrew,

    You will need to contact Anna directly using the email link in the post above.



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