Changing young lives

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Great email from a student from the Emirates who came on our Offscreen Expedition in 2008… Makes it all worthwhile!

The Offscreen Expedition was a big turning point in my life. Since then, so much has changed. Before, I was a careless and reckless young guy with no real interest in what was happening in my life. Just before I was due to leave for the UK, I considered dropping out, but for no particular reason other than I didn’t think it would be exciting. But from the first moment in London I knew that I had been wrong. When I saw the rest of the group waiting at Heathrow Airport, my fears and reservations turned to excitement and anticipation.

It was my first time away from home. I used to lose my temper quickly, and to be mad the entire time. I addition, I used to think that I am right all time, but with a team of Stiffin, Jimmy, Aya, Robert, and all the guys changed in my life. It was not a tour or a vacation; it was a journey that I have to learn from it as much as I can because it will not happen again. Jimmy was a kind of a tuff leader; like a Commander in the army, but I learned how to manage my time from him. Also, he gave me an Inspiration how to respect people time. Stiffen was a much different; a unique man with all of these art talents. I got to understand from him who I can deal with the different kinds of people even I do not like them, and how I can get the people to my side. All the other guys I got something special from them even the other students.

Here I am now, in the United States; a student who represent myself, my family, my country, and also my Offscreen Expedition. When I got the chance to talk about something special in my life I always talk about my Offscreen Expedition, and how my life changed since I had it. On the other hand, the expedition was a start for I where I am now, and a start for studying abroad. I owe the Expedition all my life and I will not forget ever those days.

Terre Haute, USA
Feb, 26, 2010

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  1. Mohammad Daher says:

    “I got the chance to talk about something special in my life I always talk about my Offscreen Expedition”
    And offscreen did changed our lives….
    Best wishes
    Mohammad D

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