Expedition Websites (Basics)

There is an unspoken rule that every expedition must have a website, in some ways akin to the current phenomenon that nothing actually happens unless it is posted on Facebook. However, underlying this accepted norm is something that reaches into what 21st Century exploration is all about.

If exploration is the process of discovering new knowledge about our planet and its people, should we not be in the process of training local researchers to do the job for us, gradually relegating these overseas to nostalgia. What gives the current model legitimacy?

I would argue that it is the transformative power of the journey that results in so many of those involved in exploration and expeditions becoming passionate advocates and activists for environments and issues the world over, that is crucial. Expeditions return to the UK wild-eyed and passionate, capable of exciting, inspiring and sharing their experiences and discoveries.

The web allows expeditions to share that passion and magic, not only on their return, but also during the expedition itself, live from the field. In creating an expedition website, there are a few principles and basics to bear in mind.

Fit for purpose
Ensure that your website suits your expedition. If you have a small compact expedition, have a small compact website. If you are making a site aimed at teachers and pupils make sure that the language, content and functionality are aimed at this audience. Don’t forget you can always ask for help!

Remember your audience
You will probably have a number of different audience groups to consider. Plan your website accordingly. They are your readers and viewers.

Planning your website
Normally people create what is known as a sitemap (see the example above). This details the different sections of the website and can be colour coded to separate the different types of content.

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