Preview amazing 3-D virtual reality submarine exploration

This video shows a still taken from Nekton’s Google Expedition: Submarine Science. Google Expeditions is an app based platform allowing students to explore the world in virtual reality from the comfort of their classroom.

These preview videos can be viewed in three ways:

  1. Using a compatible browser
    The videos can be embedded and viewed in mono 360, using the embed code found beneath the video. To watch 360° videos, users need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on their computer.
  2. Via the YouTube app
    The videos are viewable in mono 360 via the YouTube app on iOS and Android devices with the latest version of the YouTube app installed. Users with gyroscope enabled devices will be able to move their device to pan around the video.
  3. Using a Google Cardboard compatible viewer (full stereo)
    For full stereoscopic viewing, users will need to use a Google Cardboard compatible viewer (instructions on viewing YouTube videos using Google Cardboard).

Nekton has partnered with Google Expeditions to bring the wonders and learning of submarine science to millions of young people across the globe. Nekton has worked with VRTÜL and Digital Explorer to produce these stunning full stereoscopic 360 views of marine exploration.

This view shows the research submersibles descending into the deep. The Nekton Mission used two submersibles, Nomad and Nemo. Nemo was the transect submersible, equipped with a GoPro system to conduct video transects. A video transect involves piloting along a set route at a steady speed, recording video. This recording can then be analyzed by researchers back at university. Nomad was the sampling submersible equipped with a range of tools for taking further samples, as well as a specialized video camera. One submersible had a hydraulic arm for collecting physical samples.

Two other videos are available on YouTube:

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