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The following partners have been instrumental in helping turn Digital Explorer's educational vision into a reality.


2041 are an expedition organisation dedicated to the preservation of Antarctica. Through partnering with them since 2008, we have helped broadcast their great work live from the Antarctic Peninsula to hundreds of schools globally and have worked together to develop the E-Base, the first dedicated education base in Antarctica.

British Council

The British Council have supported our work across the UK, Middle East and Pakistan through their Connecting Classrooms Programme. The Council’s relationship with schools in this region and their mission to promote intercultural dialogue have proved invaluable.

Catlin Group Ltd.

Catlin Group Limited is a specialty insurance and reinsurance group with more than 50 offices worldwide. Catlin is proud to sponsor research and educational programmes which explore how our planet’s oceans may be changing. Starting in 2009, Catlin has sponsored research into the changing Arctic environment through the Catlin Arctic Survey.

Google UK

Google UK has supported Digital Explorer’s workshops for teachers in the UK. Since 2007, we have trained over 600 UK geography teachers to use Google Earth, Google Maps, Blogger, GPS and digital video and photography to enhance fieldwork and classroom teaching.

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

We have been working with HSBC since 2008. The kind support of the HSBC Bank Middle East Limited has allowed us to expand our work to countries across the Middle East, providing international leadership opportunities for young people, running capacity building workshops for teachers and distributing educational resources to schools.

Met Office / FCO

Digital Explorer developed an interactive Google Earth layer showing the impact of a 4 degree rise in global temperatures for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in partnership with the Met Office, showing regional variations in temperature change, potential impacts, and initiatives undertaken by UK Embassies and High Commissions to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

We have been working closely with the Royal Geographical Society since the launch of Digital Explorer in 2007. Our aims are closely linked and we have successfully collaborated on delivering aspects of the Geography Action Plan.