A message from Antarctica

In March 2008, Robert Swan and the Inspire Antarctic team will be broadcasting live from the newly launched E-Base in Bellingshausen on King George Island. Robert will be living solely off renewable energy for 2 weeks and sharing his daily experiences with the world through a cutting-edge, interactive website (to be launched mid-February 2008).

Through daily video broadcasts, photography and live chats, Robert and the 2041 team aim to bring the message of preserving Antarctica, promoting sustainable lifestyles and combating climate change to a wider audience.

Follow the adventure online, beginning March 1, 2008, and be sure to check out the BRAND NEW WEBSITE, going live mid-February 2008!!

Join the Facebook group to keep in touch with developments.

Back from Antarctica

Marjan is just back from Antarctica, helping the IAE5 expedition. The Inspire Antarctic Expedition 5 saw 60 participants help to inaugurate an Education Base on the Antarctic Peninsula under the leadeship of Robert Swan.

Read more of Marjan’s experiences.

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