Bringing London Zoo To You


Skype in the Classroom- Bringing London Zoo to you

Digital Explorer has teamed up with Skype to provide a better educational experience. We can bring the world to your classroom.

One of our most recent Digital Explorer and Skype collaborations was broadcast from the Zoological Society London. In the depths of the rainforest enclosure at 7am there was one of Digital Explorers good friends Ollie Steeds, and the zoo keeper Lucy. Ollie was discussing the rainforest and his experiences as an explorer. Lucy told the class about her experiences with the animals and talked about adaption. This lesson was being held in a classroom 17000 Km’s away near Melbourne. The students at St Agatha’s primary were able to ask questions and engage with educators from across the world.

Skype has the ability to connect the world and therefore goes hand in hand with Digital Explorers mission to educate young people on global issues. St Agatha’s primary school near Melbourne had the opportunity to connect with experts that they may not have had the chance of meeting without the use of Skype.

Skype has the ability to create real world links.

If you would like to book a speaker for your school you can do it on the Skype in the classroom website, where there are many of Digital Explorer’s friends. There are accompanying resources available on our website.

We would like to say a big thank you to the Zoological Society London, St Agatha’s, Skype and Ollie.

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Skype from Antarctica

skype_logo.pngOn Tuesday, I was with a small group of Year 10 geography pupils sitting in our new multimedia room. We were clustered round a laptop waiting for a video call using skype. The call was coming in from Antarctica from Robert Swan, who is currently living at the 2041 E-Base relying solely on renewable energy for the first time in Antarctic history.

The call came through and there we were having a live video chat with Robert about the issue of climate change and what we can all do about it. Wow! Now that’s what I cal education for the 21st Century.

The use of skype from remote locations presents numerous possibilities for engaging young people in environmental and social issues. The software is free. The calls are over the internet, so you just pay for the use of the internet during that time (a bit more expensive somewhere like Antarctica where you are reliant on satellite networks such as BGAN).

If anyone could tell me how I could take part in a live conversation taking place using something like skype, and show it on a website simultaneously, I would be eternally grateful!

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